About Me (and how SoFit happened)

My name is Christine Sovik. I am a Duxbury wife and mom of four kids. I began running in high school as a way to stay in shape and that has turned into a life long passion and commitment to a healthy lifestyle and fitness. Over the years, I’ve done several marathons, many half marathons and countless smaller road races and triathlons. 

About 8 years ago I was approached by the owners of a local running company. They asked me to lead a training group for a half marathon. Since that time, I’ve coached hundreds of people as they train for various races. In 2015 I decided to compliment my running business by getting certified in personal training. I am now a certified personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Now I offer small group instruction, hold children’s classes and offer one-on-one personal training, all from my studio at 285 St.George Street in Duxbury.

What differentiates SoFit from the myriad of other fitness facilities, gyms, yoga studios, etc.?

  • Class sizes are small (max 14 people) so that I can focus on each client's form (thus minimizing the chance of injury).

  • I'm very vocal about encouraging clients to stay motivated and push beyond their limits.

  • Music in my bootcamps is kept at a reasonable level so that people can converse during class.

  • Most importantly, every workout can be custom-tailored and modified for each client's current fitness level, taking into account prior injuries and pre-existing conditions.

To sign up for bootcamps, group runs or to book personal training appointments,  you can book online or  download the free appointment app.

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